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Today’s fashion industry has seen a boom with the rise of e-commerce markets. Eyewear Products are essential fashion wear for men, women, and children alike. So selling sunglasses online is becoming profitable day by day and more and more sunglass stores are popping up online.

At graphicxer we have been working with the fashion industry and sunglasses specifically for the last seven years to provide business with high quality and attractive eyewear photo editing to help with this. When selling sunglasses online means our perfectly edited sunglasses will represent class, fashion, and glamour in your online store. Your customers will see what they expect to buy in your sunglasses photos. Thus making them buy your product more.

We cover all the standards and requirements needed when editing your sunglass photos. So your professional looking images will remove all barriers to purchase your product online.

sunglasses editing

Graphicxer has a wide range of expertise when sunglasses retouching. If you are a fashion vendor and have thousands of images to retouch, it’s best to contact us to get your images edited in a very short time.

Sunglass or Eyewear Photography and Editing

Photographing sunglasses is like any other photography with some specific twist to it. Like jewelry images, sunglasses have glasses, still which reflect light and also the beauty portion of it for glamour.

So Sunglass photo editing involves photo shooting sunglasses and editing them to make them more attractive to customers and remove unwanted shadows and lighting from the photos.

So when advertising and selling sunglasses, the editing and retouching process is necessary to attract customers and sell the products. Professional sunglass photo editing can introduce tremendous beauty and attraction to your e-commerce or photography websites.

What Our Expert Designers Do When Retouching Sunglass Photos

Sunglass images can either be very difficult or very easy. Like many other photographs, it totally depends on how well the image was shot and how much editing was needed later. Based on the type and condition of the photo, Sunglass retouching generally consists of following editing needs

● Changing the background of the sunglass image
● Retouching with color correction, lighting, brightness adjustments
● Shadow creation to give the image a 3D look
● Remove unwanted reflection, shadows and defective areas.

Background Remove of Eyewear Images

Basically in the first phase of the editing service where the sunglass products are separated from their original backgrounds to white backgrounds to make it stand out to customers. Traditionally clipping path or cut-out service is used to achieve that.

Sunglass photo retouching

In this editing process, defective portions like dust, spot, reflection go away with processional editing techniques like masking and retouching. Color, Saturation, Hue is modified to make the photo more alluring

Remove Reflection and drawbacks from your photo

Our expert designers can remove any kind of unwanted reflection and shadows from sunglass images. As sunglass has glasses, there may be issues with the lighting balancing, scratch and dust on your sunglass images. Our professional editors can get rid of those drawbacks from your photos and make them more attractive.

Sunglass image shadow creation

Shadows are used generally to represent the product in a 3D manner so that it may look more lively and natural to customers. Also as sunglasses have reflective elements in the body and glass, there might be shadows that decrease the beauty of the photo. Those need to be moved or changed also

Sunglass Photo Color correction and re-coloring

Our designers will fix your sunglass photos and correct colors in eyewear images. Our professional color correction services can provide all kinds of color correction, balancing and recoloring services for all of your images in a very short time

Hire your best sunglass photo editor at a low cost with Graphicxer

We are the leading e-commerce product image editing service provider in Asia and worldwide. Graphicxer has a highly dedicated team they are experts in e-commerce and eyewear image editing. Our professionals have been providing complete sunglass photo editing solutions for the last seven years with perfection and professionalism including photoshop clipping path, Background removal, shadow creation, and photo retouching services.

Benefits of Our Sunglass Photo Editing

Our Sunglass photo editing can introduce revolutionary changes to your sunglass product portfolio. We will remove all kinds of imperfections from your photos and make the image publishable.

Graphicxer is committed to providing professional product photo editing services. That’s why we have gathered experience and dedication to format our passion for work. This helped us to earn a good reputation and reviews over time. Now let’s go through the benefits you can get from our services.

Saves Valuable Time

To enhance any sunglass image, you definitely need editing on the images. Generally, after taking a photo, doing the editing for a photographer is time-consuming. So it will be time-saving and proper money utilization for you to hire our cheap editing service but get the quality you need.

Boost-up Sales of your site

If you hire us and you don’t need to worry about anything about the post-processing. Your photo quality is our responsibility. Our skilled people are here to do the job for you. This will finally boost-up your product sales.

Top Priority Service in Case of Urgency:

When you need urgent delivery for your bulk images, we are happy to help. Our company capacity is daily 7000/ day. With special requests, we can expedite this and arrange for another 1500 images to be delivered a day. especially for you! So don’t bother to share your emergency with us. Get the service today but with the very minimum cost from elsewhere. Our designers will fill up the demand of a client when the client is in a rush.

Get your images retouched for your sunglass photography from Graphicxer. We provide retouching services to professional photographers around Canada, Europe, France, Poland, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, etc.

Contact us today to get expert and professional sunglass editing services to get benefited from our bulk editing services. We offer many discounts for Sunglasses Manufacturers for industry-standard editing services and all of your requirements. Get in touch with us today.