Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing | The Best Way to Display Apparel Products

A ghost mannequin photo editing provides the product extra complete look and displays the product part that is hidden by a mannequin or model in one shot. If you desire a professional look at your eCommerce store and want to get reliable clients, then this method works efficiently.

Ghost mannequin effect or invisible mannequin editing permits you to combine multiple images of products into a single image to remove the mannequin from the photo.

Mannequin remove

All Demand Meet Under Ghost Mannequin Effect

Whether you need a neck joint, mannequin removal, sleeve joint, or full joint, Liquefying & crinkles removal, our editors will provide your product photos with great depth and value.


Typical TAT 24 Hours.


0.50 USD. Negotiable.


Instant 24/7 Support.


Image Protected.

Professional Ghost Mannequin Editing Service At GraphicXER

Graphicxer is a global photo editing company with specially trained graphic designers for post-production ghost mannequin effects. Our Invisible Mannequin effects and neck Joint service allows you to take several images of a product on a model or mannequin. Then our expert designers join the images together and delete the model or mannequin from the image.

Ghost OR Invisible mannequin effect

Ghost mannequin, also known as the Invisible mannequin effect means a task where editors remove a mannequin or doll from an apparel product by combining and joining multiple product images. The main goal of the mannequin editing service is to display both the inner and outer parts of the garment. It enables the customers to have an idea of how it will feel after wearing the product.

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How e-Commerce Vendors can benefit from Ghost Mannequin Effect

As an e-commerce shop owner or product vendor you always need to keep in mind that the single most important way to impress your consumers online is by showcasing exciting and glamorous product photos.
In online shops you don’t have the chance to explain your product benefits directly to your customers online. So you need to provide a maximum number of images and accurate information about your product.

Ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin creates a clean and attractive look of your product and customers will be able to visualize the real product pretty easily. This will create a positive mindset of your clients about your product and half of your work is done.

Images that increase the liveliness of your product are important to generate sales. Especially in the fashion retail business, you need real people wearing your product. So that customers get the real feeling of your apparel items.

Hiring real-life models are expensive and scheduling photoshoots is difficult. Most of the time these photoshoots are unreliable. On the other hand, a mannequin is a smart one-time investment to photograph your products. But you can’t show the mannequin in your fashion photos.

This is where you need to remove the mannequin from your photos. Our professional ghost mannequin image editing service is most relevant to e-commerce and business magazine owners and professional photographers. You can get our neck-joint effect on your clothing products very quickly with high quality. We provide high-quality images, quick turnaround time and low cost.

Here is a list of potential business who have benefited from our service-

• Online Clothing stores
• E-commerce sites
• Fashion houses
• Garments
• Fashion Photographers
• Advertising Agencies
• Newspapers
• Printing press

Do you Need to Combine Two/Three Different Parts of a Garment into One Single Image?

Invisible Mannequin Effect and What You Get

Our industry-standard ghost mannequin effect photo editing service is a powerful tool to add simplistic invisible models to your clothing products. Expert mannequin editors will provide you any kind of editing you want. Whether you need a neck joint, sleeve joint, or full joint, our editors will provide you with product photos with great depth and value.

To remove dummy mannequin from fashion and apparel items we use the most comprehensive tools like Photoshop. Our expert designers can set up layers and different adjustments to particular layers pretty professionally.

We do pixel level perfectly hand drawn clipping paths and background removal with each during the editing process. Our expert designers will also remove unwanted wrinkles, furs and spots from the product during the process.

Generally, we create invisible mannequin effects by taking several shot of the same product photo and then merge them together. We analyze every image and decide what needs to be done to the image.

Depending on the shape and cut of your product and the detail of the model or mannequin we choose appropriate techniques to get a high-quality image. We support many other add-on editing services like color change of products, removing background,360 views, removing stray hair from products. We do what’s necessary to make your product stand out.

How Our Expert Designers Do?

First, our expert designers utilize the mannequin to give a shape to the clothing by blending the inner and front portion of your image. We take the shots from the front part and back parts and then join them together.

After this process, we use our pixel-perfect clipping path service to eliminate the mannequin part from the front. Then the internal part is linked with the front portion until the top of the mannequin is eliminated.

After this, the product item in the photo gets kind of blurry of focus. We then do retouching and color correction, brightness and contrast balancing to make the photo more realistic.

Here are the top services that we use to neck joint service-

• Hand-drawn clipping path service
• Multi-path service
• Color Correction
• Recoloring Service
• Background removal service
• Stray hair or far removal service using masking
• Beauty retouching using color correction, lighting balancing
• 3D shadow effect and shadow making service for a realistic look

We provide services worldwide in different time zones. Our dedicated team of 50+ professionally experienced retouches is available 24/7 and 360 days covering several shifts in a day.

Ghost Mannequin Editing Services You May Need

ghost mannequin editer service

Two Parts Convert in One

Combine two different parts of the garments into one complete image.

ghost mannequin editor

Three Parts Convert in One

Combine Three Different Parts of a Garment into one single image.

ghost mannequin service

Liquefying & Crinkles Remove

Remove crinkles & reshape it by liquefying the product make it looks presentable.