Neck joint service is often used in printing, magazine, and publishing companies to show apparel or jewelry on their pages. Enhanced image directly impacts your conversion rate and purchase rate as the buyers could have a better image of the product and imagine how it would look on them.

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Outsource neck joint service with GraphicXER at Affordable Price

Within our neck joint service, you could request for sleeves joint service, 360° ghost mannequin, 3D effects, and many others. We are located in three different countries to respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible and start the project.


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What is Neck Joint in Apparel or Garments?

During the post-production, the neck join service focuses on editing the neck and chest part of the clothing images. Once the mannequin is removed, it leaves a blank and messy space around the neck. It requires a separate image of the neck area that will be added to the final image. Professional photo editors retouch the area and create a clearer image. It is done by applying different skills such as liquefy, shadow, or adding a logo tag to make it look natural and realistic. Moreover, most editors are capable of removing the price tag and smoothing up the area. You can remove messy and unnecessary wrinkles and dirt on the clothing and get a nicely edited image. These techniques are part of the neck joint service and are widely used in showcasing garment products.

Combining Two Parts of the Garment into one Part Using Neck Joint

Neck joint service requires a highly skilled technique for high-quality of clean and clear images. Sometimes people misled that putting transparent background effect would result in the same as neck joint service. The transparent background does not provide a perfect outline; therefore, most business owners sub-contracts with professional photo editors to get the best result possible. We, as Graphicxer, are professionally skilled and trained for all kinds of editing services. We contain various skills including liquefying, removing crinkles, adding shadows, and removing price tags. Moreover, we could create 2D or 3D shapes of product for a 360-degree view which very few are skilled at. We provide our service at an affordable price with a fast turnaround rate.

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How is Neck Joint Service Done?

First, you need to provide us with two different photos: a full image of the mannequin wearing the product and a separate close-up image of the neck area. Using Photoshop, we remove the mannequin and unnecessary background from both photos. From there, we create multiple layers to merge the neck photo into the original photo. Then we use our technical skills liquefying and removing unnecessary wrinkles and dust. We could add shadows, 3D dimensions, or other skills, depending on your needs.

A Must for Online Business Owners

Most online apparel businesses use mannequins when creating photos of apparel, shoes, and accessories. It provides a realistic and natural 3D dimension, hollow effect, and gives buyers an idea of how it would look on them. This is when our Graphicxer team comes in and helps your sales to strike high. This service is also known as ‘ghost mannequin service’ where you get rid of the mannequin and create precise, clean, and focused images.

Services You May Need

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Three Parts Convert in One

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Two Parts Convert in One

Liquefying & Crinkles Remove

Remove crinkles & reshape them by liquefying the product to make it looks presentable.

neckjoint service

Two Parts Convert in One

Combine two Different parts of the Garment into one complete image.