The quality of photo clipping path depends on how much detailed work the editor could provide. As a Graphicxer company, we could provide a high-quality clipping with our experienced and well-trained team members. Every order goes through three-step quality control by our skilled employees to catch any flaws or mistakes during the process.


Offshore Outsourcing Clipping Path Service Provider at Affordable Cost

Clipping path/deep etch or silo hat need to shape photo, adjust background and color correction. We provide this service for photography professional and eCommerce webshop effectively.

Turnaround Time

Delivery Time 24 Hours Depends on Number of Quantity.


Per Simple Image Price $0.10 USD for Bulk Image.


Instant 24/7 Support by Live Chat, eMail & Phone.

Deliver Quality

3 Step Quality Control before Upload Final Output.

Clipping Path Service for Commercial Photographers & eCommerce Shop

Our team uses a pen tool to have full control over the clipping process to achieve clean-finished edges and clear images. We could provide clean and clear photo clipping as fast as 24hour at a cost-low price. If you have any questions or problems with your orders, we provide 24/7 support via live chat, email, and phone. Feel free to reach us for any inquires.

Special Offers


50 Medium Complex Path Only $25.00 USD

If you are looking for 50 or less medium complex path services, we offer only $25.00 USD total price.


Every Same Day & Month! Only $0.50/Image

We offer $0.50/Image on Every 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5, 6/6, 7/7, 8/8, 9/9, 10/10, 11/11, & 12/12 days Order.


10% Discount for Background Take off on January & Feb'2021 Order

Happy new year offer: Full month of January & Feb’2021, We offer 10% discount on every 20 Images Ordered.

Best Photo Clipping Agency! Why Choose?

A clipping path is a vector graphic that outlines an object for a clearer image. Most of the time, a clipping path is used to remove messy backgrounds from a product image. We manually trace around the object and put it on a clear background. This background is called etching, cut-outs, or creating a silhouette. You could also create layer masks to have the option to change the background color for different purposes. All these processes are very time consuming and involve a lot of zooming and clicking. Not only that, to have a realistic image, you would need Photoshop Pen Tool and Adobe Software installed which both cost a good amount of money. That is why there are professionals in Photoshop and Illustration who are trained to work time-efficient with quality outcomes.

Ecommerce Product Clipping

Ecommerce is a big business now and it continues to increase rapidly. Did you know that nearly 100 million people spent money on online shopping this Black Friday? Online shopping has massively increased due to the pandemic and since then, many businesses are considering switching their business online and remote. To get more buyers, it is essential to provide a clear, vibrant picture of the products you are trying to sell. Graphicxer could help you by providing professional and high-quality clipping skills. We could grant a smooth and realistic photo that does not look like it was edited. All images will be perfectly clipped, focusing on every small detail that would result in a natural and practical image.

Services You May Need

We provide clipping path related (“deep etch” or “vector path” or “Cut Out”) photoshop editing services for online shop & photographers


Product Photo Editing

Looking for eCommerce product editing services outsource, Let’s trial graphicxer.


Car Image Retouch

We provide car photo editing for retailer & dealer at low price, Let’s trial graphicxer.

Remove Background

Best digital image background removal services 24/7, Let’s trial graphicxer.

Save Your Time and Money - Outsource Clipping Path Service !

Let us help you with your products’ images while focusing on your other important things in your business. Hire us as your photo editing freelancer instead of having another employee. We provide the best online clipping service with a fast turnaround rate, hand-drawn paths, multiple clipping paths, fulfilling retouching needs, and natural shadows to your products. We use the latest Adobe software and the latest technological tools to provide the best images for your business. You can simply contact us through our website and tell us your needs. We do our best to provide excellent customer service and quality work until you are satisfied. Our clipping service includes retouching, changing ratio, margins, cropping, file format, shadows, and others.