Image masking (Photoshop Masking) is used when the background has a lot of turns and curves with unclear and blurry parts. It could be messy hair unclearly mixed with the background or woolly edges. So, Let’s trial Today !

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Image Masking Service Provide for Photographers & Online Shops

No matter how complex and complicated the watermarks, logos, or stickers are, you will always get the highest quality images. At the same time, we offer our service at the best price for you.


Delivery Time 24 Hours Depends on Number of Quantity.


Per Simple Image Price $0.50 USD for Bulk Image.


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Photo Privacy 100%

What is Image Masking?

Photoshop masking is often used when the background has a similar color with the object that makes the edges imprecise to outline. Image masking techniques could get rid of the unclear background and soft edges and provide sharpened and polished outlines. The quality depends on how much detail an editor could provide using the airbrush size and sketching pressure around the edges.

Best Online Image Masking Service

As a Graphicxer, we provide the best online image masking service from basic to complicated images depending on your needs. Image masking is a time-consuming and complicated process. It requires detail and delicate work and sometimes needs advanced clipping path skills to finish a complex piece of an image. We always recommend hiring a professional online photo editor so you could save time and take care of other important things in your business. All of our team members are thoroughly skilled and trained to provide high-quality work in a short time. We offer a three-step quality control before the delivery to ensure zero flaws and mistakes in every photo. With our 25/7 support team, we could quickly and carefully view your inquiry and get the project started.

Different Kinds of Masking Services

We provide various masking services depending on the photos you provide and what you are looking for. Some of the advanced masking services are layer masking, hair and fur masking, alpha channel masking, collage masking, and transparent or translucent masking. Layer masking is done with a pen tablet by creating layers of soft and thin outlines for a well-defined result. Hair and fur masking is done by adjusting the brightness and contrast to provide a natural look of hair. Editors will draw a few fine lines to a more abundant look. Alpha channel masking is adjusting Red Green Blue and Cyan Magenta Yellow Key for a natural lighting image. Transparent and translucent masking is used for photos like glasses and water, reflecting the object in front of them. It requires a removal skill for a clearer and professional image.

Special Offers

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Pet Picture Process @0.50 USD

Offer $0.50 USD per pet image if you order appx 100 image at a time.

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Background Cutout @0.50 USD

For single model background cutout we offer $0.50 USD if order appx 200 image.

Ecommerce image editing services

30% Discount on Product Image

Webshop and Online ecommerce shop images, we offer 30% Discount.

Make us your Image Masking Service Vendor

Image masking is used in most eCommerce websites for precise and professional images. You can modify and remove every part of the image, such as removing unnecessary backgrounds or reflection on a plastic bag or a glass. Editors can create a layer and draw fine lines to create a better look of hair and fur. Not only that but editors could also collage images and combine two separate objects into one photo that is realistic and natural. It truly is endless possibilities where there are so many ways to edit and add a single photo. Therefore, we recommend a professional for their advice and service. They could tell you what would be best for your business and save you a lot of time.

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