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Do you want to remove the watermark or delete the sticker from used photos? Our designers are well known how to remove watermarks from images.

By now, you know how important it is for any blog, magazine, or online shop to only publish high-quality pictures with no watermarks, logos, or stickers. However, removing them without the proper tools and skills can be quite hard. That’s why our experienced team wants to help you with this task.

In case you are not convinced yet, we offer a free trial of our service. Just send us your image and our skilled team will remove any watermarks, logos, and stickers for you. Shortly, we will deliver you the edited image in the best quality. Try our service and experience our commitment. We are here to help and to support you and your business.

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Why Graphicxer to Remove Watermark & Sticker from Image?

our team of experts is happy to remove any kind of watermarks, logos, and stickers for you! No matter what type of image you have, we are here to support you and your business.


Generally, Take 24 Hours.


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Remove Watermark, Logo & Sticker from Picture Online With Reliable Partner

You can often find overlaid writing on images. In most cases, this font is pretty transparent. However, it still distracts from the picture itself. In other cases, you will find some company logos or stickers in the lower corner of the picture. They can be helpful in identifying specific companies or photographers. However, if you’re running your own blog or magazine, these watermarks, logos, and stickers can be rather harmful to your business. There are many reasons why you should not use them. Unfortunately, in many cases, they are already on your image and the only thing you can do is remove them.

At Graphicxer, we know how difficult it can be to remove watermarks, logos, and stickers without the appropriate knowledge. That’s why we’re your reliable partner when you want to remove watermarks, logos, and stickers!

Why do Photographers Use Watermarks, Logos, and Stickers?

You are probably familiar with the following situation: you’ve found the perfect image that you want to use for your magazine. The image matches your content perfectly and you think your readers will love it. There is only one problem: a transparent but distracting font is superimposed on the image. This watermark will not allow you to use the otherwise perfect image. But why do photographers even use watermarks? The answer is simple: they think the watermark is preventing people from stealing their pictures.

Also, many companies use logos and stickers on their images to promote their brand. This way, people can easily remember the particular company and its products or services. Hence, it is a good tool to increase brand awareness.

We Deliver the Best Quality Always On-Time & at the Best Price

All of our experts are dedicated to fulfilling your wishes. We know how important it is to you and your company that you receive your edited images on time. Therefore, we always have multiple designers working on big orders. By doing so, we guarantee that you will always get your images on time. Nothing is worse than publishing a poorly edited picture of low quality. Hence, you will only get pictures of the best quality from us. At GraphicXER, we want to support you and your business. If you are not convinced yet, you can try our service for free! We promise fast delivery and, at the same time, the best quality.

Whether you want us to edit a single image or more than one hundred pictures: We have the best offer for everyone. No matter how complicated the removal of the watermark, logo, or sticker is we will do it at the best price. Our experienced designers ensure that the finished image does not show any traces of previous watermarks and logos. To achieve this, we only use the latest technology and up-to-date solutions. Our employees are familiar with the latest trends and techniques.

Special Offers

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Remove 50 Watermark $45 USD

If you are looking for 50 or less than Watermark removal services, we offer only $45 USD total price.

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Remove 100 Stickers $75 USD

Are you searching to hire 100 Sticker Removal, we offer only $75 USD total price?

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Remove 200 Logo $100 USD

Want to remove bulk Logo/Watermark like equal to 200 or Less, we offer only $100 USD total price for them.

Why remove watermarks, logos, and stickers?

Besides the few advantages of using watermarks, logos, and stickers, there are many more disadvantages of having them on your image. The usage of watermarks, logos, and stickers is especially common among companies and shops. Be it a huge company like Apple or a small seller on Amazon: Almost everybody uses logos to promote their brand. And besides this, it prevents others from using their images. Sometimes, you can pay companies to use their images. A lot of companies give you their images without watermarks, logos, and stickers in exchange for money. However, this service can be quite expensive. Photographers use them in the belief that it will save their art from theft. But is that really true?

Why you shouldn’t put watermarks on photographs?

Nowadays, the majority of photographers put watermarks on their pictures in order to prevent people from stealing their images. But does a watermark on a photo really stop people from using the photo?The answer is no! A watermark on an image does not prevent theft! Almost everybody has access to some photo editing tools. Even without Photoshop skills, most people will be able to remove a watermark from a picture. However, the result often does not look good. Still, people will do it and share the poorly edited picture. Therefore, watermarks do not prevent people from stealing your pictures. In fact, people will likely share poorly edited versions of your art. And that might be worse than allowing people to use copies of your pictures.

What happens if you change your company logo?

A lot of businesses use logos and stickers to promote their company and to build brand awareness. And, indeed, it is good marketing. Logos will help customers to remember your brand. But what happens if you want to change your current logo? There are many reasons why you might want to use a different logo. Perhaps you do not like the design of your current one. Or is it simply not modern anymore? When using a new logo, you will have to change the logo on all your existing images. If you do not, you will confuse your customers. This will destroy the brand awareness, which you have built over time. Therefore, it is important to first remove the old logos from your images before putting new ones on them.

Why you should choose us to remove your Watermarks, logos, and stickers?

At GraphicXER, we have a dedicated team of experts who are familiar with the editing of all kinds of images. Each one of our employees works with different photo editing tools every day.We strive to get the best results from every image. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is trained in removing any watermarks, logos, and stickers.All of our employees are qualified Designers. Therefore, you can expect images of the highest quality and without any traits of previous watermarks, logos, or stickers.We know that technology and editing tools are constantly developing. That is why our designers are constantly expanding their knowledge and skills in workshops. We only use the latest tools and techniques to get the best result from your images.

Watermarks, logos, and stickers will distract from the real image

Have you ever seen pictures with text overlaid all over the picture? If so, you know how distracting this can be. It doesn’t matter how transparent or small the fond is. Instead of being able to appreciate the image, you will focus on the writing. The same holds for logos and stickers. As watermarks, they distract from the photographer’s work. There is a reason why the best photographers do not use watermarks! They want their audience to enjoy their pictures. They want to show their skills and the beauty of their images without getting people distracted by watermarks, logos, or stickers. Therefore, the best pictures do not have watermarks. And that is the reason why you should remove your watermarks, logos, and stickers too.

How can you remove watermarks, logos, and stickers?

Have you ever tried to edit your pictures yourself? If so, you know how hard it is to get professional results. In order to get high-quality images, you need some skills. Photoshop is one of the best tools to edit pictures of all types and sizes. Every professional photographer uses the editing tool these days. But understanding how to use Photoshop is not easy. In order to achieve professional results, you will need to dedicate time to understand and learning the tool. Therefore, when people try to remove watermarks, logos, and stickers on their own, the results are often poor. Using these images is no better than using images overlaid with some writing.

We remove watermarks, logos, and stickers of your pictures

Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to fulfilling any of your wishes. Our employees are trained in editing all types of pictures. Often, photographers put watermarks on model pictures to prevent people from stealing them. We help you remove these watermarks and make your image look much more professional. Besides this, our staff members are experienced with removing watermarks, logos, and stickers from headshot photos. If you want to promote your images online, you should let us remove the distracting fond on your picture first. Do you have a wedding photo with superimposed writing? Our dedicated experts are more than happy to help you.

To Reuse Desired Image, Remove the Watermark or Stickers

Do you have an online shop? If so, you know how important it is to post good pictures for your shop’s success. Do your customers get an idea of your products or services by looking at the images? Can you convince potential customers to buy your products or services?

In order to do so, it is essential to publish high-quality images. Your pictures’ quality reflects the overall quality of your products or services. And, of course, customers only want to buy from a shop they trust. It’s your task to build that trust by using good pictures. In case your pictures are of poor quality, customers are likely to buy from one of your competitors. Hence, it is important that your images don’t show any traces of watermarks, logos, or stickers.

Let us Chance to Remove your watermark, Logo, or Sticker

Even if there are many reasons why you should not use watermarks, logos, or stickers, many businesses and photographers still put them on their images. However, removing them is way harder than putting them on a picture in the first place. Our team of experienced experts will remove any watermarks, logos, and stickers from your images. Regardless of how complex and complicated your watermarks and logos are you will only get pictures of the highest quality from GraphicXER. At the same time, we always deliver on time. It does not matter if you want us to edit only one picture or more than one hundred. We are happy to support you with all kinds of pictures, be it wedding photos, headshots, landscape pictures, or e-commerce pictures. We are your reliable partner!

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