Hellenic Photographic Society – Professional Association

The Hellenic Photographic Society (HPS) was established in 1952 for the sole purpose to attract creative photographers in the 50s,60s and 70s in Greece. It attracted many professional photographers by providing lectures on creative photography and knowledge. It also organizes the Pan-Hellenic photo contests and provides prize money and incentives to maintain photographic art and emulation in Greece.

Its creative photographer members played a vital role in greec’s photography scenery by providing modern art proposals. Among many of their famous photographers who played an important role in the evolution of photography are: S. Meletzis, K. Balafas, D. Harisiadis, A. Ververis, D. Letsios T. Tloupas, I. Apostolidis, M.Chrousaki, Th.Tsagkris, N. Blackbeard,Chr.Tselios, B. Papaioannou, Z. Stella, P. Brousali.

The HPS offers continuous photographic representation of the country’s artistic life which gave strength to the photography art in postwar Greece. It managed to provide services more than 60 years in the first line of creative creation by producing artistic creation and dialogue.

Hellenic Photographic Society regularly issued The magazine “Hellenic Photography ”, from June 1954 to January 1993 by the help of HPS editorial committee. This magazine hosts important examples of artistic photographers and provides a reference to modern researchers of the photography development in Greece. Now the magazine is re-issued in digital format with rich content and released every three months.

Why Need to Know about them
In recent times the HPS actively take part in photography events throughout Greece and in international levels. By representing Greece in Biennales and other international competitions and exhibitions HPS prompts art work of Greece. Recently this society has organized the International Photography Festival ten years in a row and continues to organize National Photography competitions for more than 50 years. It also operates the only showroom in Athens which is specially for photography.

As a member of this group creative photographers produce high quality artistic work and showcase them to genuine public. It also provides a series of lectures on photography, seminars for beginner and advanced photographers.It is a member of of F.I.A.P. (Federation Internationale de l’ArtPhotographique – International Federation of Photographic Art) since 1954 and is the sole representative in Greece.

There is no easy way to be part of this association. HPS awards artistic and Honorary distinctions to artists with quality work. Keeping with the international standard HPS will award artistic titles to members only who are distinguished in national and international contests. They also provide honorary titles who invest a long time to offer their services to creative art in Greece voluntarily and a long time to benefit the society. To get the artistice distinctions you have to fill up a form and share information and send a mail to the Director of services.

Become A Member
To become a member of EFE, it is enough to fill in and submit an application to the society. The cost of member registration is 15 € once.

● 50 € per year for the residents of Athens,
● 30 € per year for the residents of the province.
● Repayment in 2 installments (every 6 months)

As a member you can Our members can:
● Participate in all our events for free or at a discount
● To take part in photography exhibitions in Greece and abroad
● Participate in FIAP Biennales
● Apply for FIAP distinctions and titles
● To receive the EFE Newsletter for free at home
● To promote their work in the Photo Gallery of the EFE website