Federation of European Photographers – FEP

The Federation of European Professional Photographers, also known as FEP is a well renowned non-profit organization of photographers. It was established in 1999 to support and construct a network between photographers and governments worldwide.

At present FEP represents over 50,000 professional photographers residing in Belgium, Belarus, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. It has a national association in those countries to connect photographers between different countries.

This organization also has individual photographer members in Greece, Estonia, Poland, Moldova and Switzerland. These countries are not represented by their corresponding association.

Why Join FEP

The FEP started with the goal to provide education, distinctions and professional development to photographers. The purpose of this organization is to provide a demanding qualification structure with a set of code of conduct and ethics. They also provide programmed events and various types of special promotions to several products and services.

When you are a part of this community you will have a vast community of international photographer members to collaborate ideas, knowledge and support for your work. This also represents a great opportunity for you to achieve a professional status within the photography industry.

As a member of FEP, you will get protection of rights and support for your professional photography work with the help of communication with national and international organizations. FEP represents the interest of its member national organizations on a global scale on topics like standards, rights, training, standards etc.

FEP organizes a popular competition called European Professional Photographer of the year annually to promote the highest standard of European photography. It also organizes a biannual competition for emerging talents and youth photographers and a monthly Facebook competition. You can join these competitions to prove your skill and craft.

FEP Membership

FEP is an organization of associations. So basically national associations of photographers in countries in Europe are the members of Federation of European Professional photographers. If you are a part of one association, then you are a member of FEP. It has three types of Members

Full members:

The full members are the actual member associations and those admitted as such by the General Assembly. To be admitted as a full member: a national association must be made up of professional photographers based in Europe, legally constituted in their country of origin, provided they are nationally representative, they include a significant number of professional photographers and they operate democratically, with each member having one vote.

Affiliate Members:

May be admitted as affiliate members of the FEP: Associations of Professional Photographers from countries outside Europe; all legal persons (such as societies, corporations, foundations, institutions and national industries, international corporations etc.) related to professional photography in Europe.

Individual members:

Individual members can be accepted into the FEP, provided they are professional photographers legally registered in European countries and resident in countries where the FEP has not yet a member national association, the proviso being that if a member organization was admitted, they should join it within 2 years. Affiliate or individual members, once admitted, may participate in all training and qualifications organized and authorized by the FEP.

How to join

To be a full, affiliated or individual member of FEP, you need to send an official request by sending a letter of interest to join and a copy of the constitution of your association. Then FEP will make the decision to make you a member in the General Assembly by a vote.

Annual Fees
After becoming a member, you need to pay a yearly fee. This amount is decided in a general Assembly by FEP. Full and affiliate members need to pay different annual fees based on their actual membership. If you are an individual, then there is a fee of € 70,00. For this fee you would receive the information to be eligible to apply for the FEP European qualifications, and to enter the FEP competition at the member’s rates.