Watch Photo Editing for Popular Brands to Boost Sales

Compared with other industries, the watch business may not be very large, but it is generally very profitable for branded companies, as many of them sell every piece for thousands of dollars.

Watches were often used to tie people to their wrists for work every day. But nowadays people do not need a piece of additional equipment to tell the time because of smartphones.

Yet many people use watches today to represent luxury and style and a large number of those people wear them as a passionable item.

Nowadays renown watch Companies are more focused on selling their watches online. If you are a businessman and you want to sell online, then you need photos of your watches to showcase. It’s not enough to just photograph them; they have to be edited to appear perfect. So you would need photo editing help to edit your watch photos.

Graphicxer Provides industry leading Watch Photo Editing and Retouching Service

Our expert designers can turn any watch photo dramatically and alter its beauty by editing. Our editing service will ensure that your watch products are not only visually appealing, but also functional and realistic looking.

We ensure that images have proper lighting and exposure. In order to achieve this our designers, apply high-end techniques to make your watches glamorous. One of our primary goals is to ensure that images have the correct perspective, are not distorted, are color corrected, and are properly retouched.

At our production house, we use industry-standard and ethical editing techniques. Natural colors will be preserved during retouching, and scaling will be done in accordance with your specifications.

Popular Brands that we already have experience with

There are many different types of watches on the market, and we have worked with many retailers and companies to make their watch photos look stunning. Here is a selection of watches that we believe are worth considering.


Established in 1833 in the Swiss Jura Mountains, Jaeger-LeCoultre is known for its clever designs. One notable style features a face that flips over to protect itself within the watch casing.

Oris Brand

This is yet another Swiss watch company. Their watch series is divided into three categories: aviation, motorsports, and culture.


Seiko watches are made in Japan and are available for both men and women.


Lange & Söhne was established by Adolph Lange in Glashütte, Germany and originally known for its pocket watches before becoming a name in wristwatches. Last year, it released its first new piece in ten years, which was definitely worth the wait.


Casio is one of the world’s most well-known watch companies. They sell watches at a range of prices, from very cheap to very expensive.


Tissot is a luxury watch company based in Switzerland. Tissot watch retailers must edit these wands.

Our Watch Editing Procedure in Lab

Our professional editing teams can identify problems and make recommendations to clients on how to resolve them.

Typically, clients send us projects along with detailed instructions, and we carry out our tasks based on them. We will begin the editing process by making minor adjustments such as adjusting exposure, color balancing, and removing distortion. Then we’ll go over how to edit spots, dents, creases, and other crucial editing steps.

Clipping Path and Background Removal Service for Watches

Clipping Path is a well-known term in photo editing. It is the process of removing a photo of a specific subject from a group of photos in order to replace it with a different background.

Some people have completed this work using free online auto software, but our professional dedicated team is working for you entirely by hand, using photo editing software.

We create clipping paths with white backgrounds, transparent backgrounds, transparent backgrounds with any color layers, vector paths, multiple paths for color correction, and customized image backgrounds based on client requests.

Watch retouching service:

On an e-commerce site, we see a lot of watch images that are very profitable and appealing to look at. Those are not unprocessed images. From a raw image, a photo retouching service provider creates a more presentable image for us.

Image post-production is a critical component of the work of a product photographer, e-commerce business, importer, exporter, and producer. Watch photography, like other jewelry products, necessitates high-end retouching. With our professional team and the quickest turnaround time in the industry, we are experts in watch photography retouching service.

Our photo editor team can enhance any type of photo and give it a more appealing appearance by adjusting the colors.

Dust removal service: 

Dust! Most of the photographers aren’t conscious of dust on the photo. Yes, it’s dust that you simply can’t see with your eyes, but we are looking dust on your photos with ultra-sight.

Your photos may have lint, dust, cat hair or other things from clothes or the surface of your subject. We do dust, lint, cat hair or other tiny element removal service to form your photo crystal clear by our experts.

Color correction service: 

Color correction is processed by which the color of a photograph changed in various ways. it’s mostly utilized in sample designing or represents a product with the varied color combination.

Yes, you’re now at a correct place to represent your watch with different color combinations with one photo and that we do the service for you by our professional teams within a timeless than your expectation.

Helicon Focusing to focus full subject: 

Helicon focusing is usually utilized in macro photography, landscape photography, and photomicroscopy. Depth in Field (DOF) is extremely small in micro photography.

Helicon’s focus can merge various photos that focus on various ways. We do helicon focusing to form an integrated photo for your watches from more focused photos by automatic adjustment, dust mapping, adding text, 3D stack visualization, panorama creating, execution and stack animation creating by our expert team.

Why hire us for watch photo editing service?

Watch photos fall into the category of e-commerce product photography, and we specialize in all kinds of e-commerce product photos like watches, jewelry, apparel.

Prices charged by Graphicxer is very low compared to other service providers. Here’s what you will get from this particular service:

  • Watch image cutout service
  • Watch retouching service
  • Watch photo enhancement service
  • Adding a white background/colored to watch photos
  • Dust removal service
  • Color correction service
  • Composition correction
  • Helicon Focusing to focus full subject
  • Customize background replacing

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